Sunday, March 02, 2008

Das Wort zum Sonntag

kommt heute vom Social Memory Complex:

"Yes, sometimes working within the system is the best approach. But that doesn’t mean that one invests one’s political loyalties in the system; rather, it means one uses or discards the rules and mechanisms according to strategic expedience. Too often, Buckley and other quasi-libetarians demand a realism that goes beyond grudging acceptance of the state into identifying with it. If care is not taken to keep one’s eyes on the prize (not to mention if the prize is mere “low taxes”) it is quite easy for libertarian critiques of the state to become reforms that simply make the state more acceptable, thereby helping our oppressors determine the precise psychology required to exact our compliance. The libertarian goal is not fair, non-violent, small government, and the realization of such is not the point at which our struggle stops.

Buckley demonstrates that what libertarians need is exactly what his type gives us so often: a sense of marginalization and disdain. Our ranks are not filled with the elite, the privileged, the aristocratic, the “well bred” (in fact, I think we should look very suspiciously at any wealthy libertarians, who too often share Buckley’s go-along-to-get-along attitude; are they truly prepared for the free market?). We should not see his type as an ally, nor worship the god he worships. We are not the establishment, and we should not expect to be taken seriously by it. When we are, we should question the motives."

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