Monday, October 27, 2008

Weder Barry Obomber noch Insane McCain!

Eine dankenswerte Klarstellung von Manuel Miles: Wer wählt, darf sich hinterher nicht beschweren:

"Yes, you read it correctly: if you vote you have no right to complain. I know that the old statist saw is that you haven't the right to complain (or have an anti-statist opinion, etc.) unless you take part in the election farce, but it's time to put that one to rest permanently. And with Barry Obomber and Insane McCain competing to claim the mantle of Harbinger of Change, only the most thoroughly brainwashed idiots have a right to pretend to believe in dumbocracy and its various specious claims.

If there's one thing we know for sure, it's that neither wing of the ruling DemRep Party is for changing anything but faces. Voting only endorses four more years of the same violation of the U.S. Constitution, theft of property and earnings, meddling in the private lives of citizens, police statism at the airports and the borders of the imperial State, and war, war, war.

The recent "Republican" party convention and the attendant fascist raids on St Paul citizens' homes and theft of property from all suspected of opposing the McCain circus is a good lesson in dumbocracy. Even legitimate delegates to the farcical convention were robbed of copies of Ron Paul's books. leaflets, lapel pins and other things feared by the thugs who run the Ghoulish Old Party.

The "Democratic" side of the counterfeit statist coin is just as evil; Barry Obomber has led the charge to slaughter even more Afghans and Pakistanis—although, like all good statist warmongers, he "leads from the rear". A tour of Kandahar is out of the question for as long as there are live Afghans there. And don't even question the intention of this wing of the vulture party to keep raising taxes—they're actually proud of it!

The Reagan/Bush Sr/Clinton/Baby Bush/ [place any statist stooge's name here: ________] Dynasty will never be ended by playing the elections shell game. The same oligarchs who pull the strings on the political puppets also own the MainSewerMedia and control the government schools. If you think this will lead to any kind of honest debate of real issues or even fair coverage of the candidacy of the occasional maverick like Ron Paul, then you have not been paying attention lately.
Besides, in our glorious western dumbocracies, every illiterate who is capable of swilling beer and marking an "X" has the same ballot "power" as you do. With the average I.Q. being a mere 100, and with the average man not making much use of what little potential intelligence he has, any demagogue can manipulate the broad masses, comrade.

Now those few American people capable of analytical thinking have to decide whether they want to continue choosing Statist A or Statist B, or if they wish to oppose the increasingly fascistic imperial socialist state which brutalises the world with their sons and their confiscated wealth. At least the Ron Paul Revolution showed them that there is an alternative to statism.

I hope that the American people finally learn the election lesson. I hope that a serious opposition movement grows up in the USA. I hope that it exposes and opposes every move made by the State at all levels. I hope that the American people boycott the phony elections, home school their children, and read the books and websites that the MSM don't want them to even know exist. I hope that a new generation of MeetUp groups arises; one for the purpose of promoting and participating in a new American Revolution—a revolution unlike any the world has seen before.

It's possible. If the Ron Pauistas and others don't become discouraged and/or intimidated, they could plant the seed of that Revolution. It starts with learning the lessons of the Ron Paul candidacy. It could end with an era of...
Peace and Liberty."

hattip: Christian Butterbach


Anonymous said...

Und auch nicht Waffennarr Bob Barr!!!

Anonymous said...

Wenn ich das richtig verstehe, dann ist Miles' Schlussfolgerung aus der Reformunfähigkeit einer Wohlfahrtsdemokratie, dass es einer anderen Opposition bedarf. Das ist nun genauso bescheuert, wie das Wählen eines der Mainstream-Kandidaten...

Besonders schön aber:
"With the average I.Q. being a mere 100"

*Autsch* :-D

Anonymous said...

Querulatorisches Ränderstärken ist IMHO nicht komplett bescheuert, weil es sich zeitweilig zumindest als Sand im Getriebe des Systems erweist. Als temporäre Taktik kann man es also durchgehen lassen, mal auf Brunner, mal auf Schönhuber, mal auf Möllemann und mal auf Lafontaine sein gehässiges, systemverneindes Kreuzchen zu verwenden. Allerdinmgs, und da gebe ich Ihnen recht, strategisch führt nur strikter Anti-Elektoralismus zum Ziel.

Anonymous said...

"if you vote you have no right to complain"
Nicht unbedingt originell. Hier ist George Carlin's Version:
“… I don’t vote ‘cause I believe if you vote you have no right to complain. People like to twist that around, I know, they say … well if you don’t vote you have no right to complain, but where is the logic in that? If you vote and you elect dishonest and incompetent people, and they get into office and screw everything up –well you are responsible for what they have done! You caused the problem! You voted them in! You have no right to complain.
I on the other hand … who did not vote … who in fact did not even leave the house on election day am in no way responsible for what these people have done and have every right to complain as loud as I want about the mess you created and that I had nothing to do with. So, I know that a little later this year you’re gonna have another of these really swell presidential elections that you like so much. You’ll enjoy yourselves, it will be a lot of fun. I am sure as soon as the election is over your country will improve immediately. As for me, I’ll be home on that day, doing essentially the same thing as you. The only difference is, when I get finished masturbating, I’m gonna have a little something to show for it folks!”

Anonymous said...

War es nicht DDH, der noch vor nicht allzulanger Zeit ganz hingerissen von Obama war und ihn geifernd gegen Hillary verteidigte ?

Anonymous said...

Wobei zumindest Obama gegen Hitlery wirklich das kleinere Übel ist!