Thursday, September 08, 2005

Sind Polit-Clowns wertvoller als Normalsterbliche?

In England ist derzeit gross in der Diskussion, dass, wie bekannt wurde, fuer den Fall des Eindringens der Vogelgrippe der dagegen schuetzende knappe Impfstoff nur sogenannten politischen "Eliten" vorbehalten bleiben soll. Allgemeine Empoerung regt sich nun in saemtlichen Leserbriefspalten und Taki bringt es in seiner Kolumne fuer den Spectator in gewohnt prononcierter Sprache auf den Punkt:

"... do you believe that journalists and politicians have been put in front of the queue for flu shots once the bird epidemic reaches us. Has the British public gone totally bonkers? Why aren't millions storming Parliament demanding that pols and hacks be the last to be given the shots. Well, for one, Parliament is shut, but, even if it were open, such is the servility of the English that they will take anything sitting down, as they say in Barbados. Just imagine. Peter Mandelson ahead of a taxi-driver? The former has lived as a parasite throughout his life, off the state, off Tony Blair, off Robinson, off the EU. His only dependant is his samba partner. The taxi-driver, in the meantime, has worked all his life, has dependend only on himself, and has raised a family through his hard work. Now one must have a heart of jelly not to choose to save the taxi man before the parasite. Or the phoney-expenses person whose genius lies in being a busybody, a liar and a snoop. But what the hell. In a world where in my last week's column the world black was taken out in case someones's feathers were ruffled, this is to be expected."

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Starker Tobak! Und gefällt!!! :-)