Friday, October 06, 2006

Kassandra Taki

Taki Theodoracopulos, neben Christoph Mörgeli mein Lieblingskolumnist, läßt es einem mit seiner düsteren Prophezeiung diesmal eiskalt den Rücken runterlaufen. Im Spectator vom 30. September schreibt er:

„... I am about to place a large bet that, following the American mid-term elections, Bush will bomb Iran and use tactical nuclear weapons. In this crazed zeal to install democracy in that part of the world, W has been convinced by the neocons that he could get the American people behind him if he won a big one. He does not have the men to invade, and, even if he did, another Iraq-like disaster would follow. But tactical nukes would win the day, or so they’ve convinced him. At a meeting last week of neocons in New York, Norman Podhoretz got up to speak and said that the highest authority in the land had assured him that Iran’s nuclear facilities were as good as kaput. The place went wild. I had a friend attending who rang me up with the news. So I will bet that it will happen, especially if the Republicans lose the House and look bad doing it.
So, there you have it. When the Wall came down we thought it was the end of history, but as it turned out it was only the beginning. The Fifth Column, which is made up of neocons in America and Britain, will drag us to war whether we like it or not. Israel’s interests require it, as do the Evangelical Christians who have Bush by the short and curlies. In order to forget my pain, I am giving an elegant bash in London this week, one I hope will be the last ball before the nukes start flying.”

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Duester, in der tat

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